I Am Also A...

Makeup Junkie

Boba Holic

Sailor Moon Enthusiast

Potter Head (House of Gryffindor) 

Gigantic Disney Nerd

My STory


Hey Babe! Glad you are here! This is just  a little background on me so you can get to know the person behind the stylist! I trained at Graham Webb Academy for a year and received my Cosmetology license in 2011. PR at Partners was my first hair home where I went through extensive hands on training for a year as an assistant. 

Fun Fact: before I enrolled in hair school,  I was working in the accounting field. It was stable but I didn't get any fulfillment out of it. I originally signed up because of my love for makeup. I still love it but, hair is my main passion!

I specialize in lived in color by Balayaging with a newfound passion for Hand-Tied extensions.  I pride myself in continued education; learning the newest Balayage techniques to keep up with the latest trends in order to better service my clients.

My favorite part of being a hairdresser are the hair makeovers. Seeing how much my clients love their hair after its all done. Whether you are a busy working professional or a mom with little ones at home; I try to make the hair low maintenance, easy to style, and recreate when you are at home. 

I have a case of Wanderlust and am usually daydreaming of my next vacation destination with the husband and friends. I'm constantly researching the next new place to visit.


When I'm not in the salon, I am usually binging the latest Netflix shows, browsing through Pinterest for new recipes to whip up, or out and about at the numerous events going on in the DMV. I'm typically a homebody but love being out with loved ones creating memories!